Love is the answer

I’ve seen a lot of people finding their voice these last few days and posting about standing up for each other. I have also seen some articles about the hatred, racism, and violence that has spiked since the election and all I keep thinking about is how we need to send love back to the people that are acting from hatred. One of the things I have started to notice in myself is that when I’m angry at someone or something that there is usually something else that’s going on under the surface. More often then not there is fear and sadness that are the underlying feelings but that I project out as anger because I don’t want you to know that you’ve hurt me or that I’m hurting. What I keep seeing over and over is the pain and fear that those who are acting out in these very hateful ways are actually feeling under the surface or not even allowing themselves to feel. 
We have grown up in a culture based around lack. There is not enough to go around. There is not enough money. So this creates fear that I better take it while I can. It’s like a perpetual game of musical chairs. When you start playing the game really everyone does have a seat, but you take one out, so now it seems like there is not enough for everyone and now you make it a competition and someone loses. Then you take another out and you keep doing this until there is only one chair left. Even though to start with everyone had a seat and everyone had enough. What if we’re in a system that just keeps taking away one chair at a time? Creating the illusion of lack, but really more than enough has been there all along. 
If you create lack then you can create fear, and if you create fear then you can create separation. This fear seems to come from believing that something of theirs will be taken away. For example I have heard that Mexicans are coming to take our jobs. You create lack, which then creates fear, and now you’ve created a separation. Us vs them. Americans vs Mexicans. This is not about Mexicans. This is about your fear of losing your job or not getting the job you want because a Mexican got it. I see this in many different areas too. Religion, sexism, racism, homophobia. These are created out of a fear that they will take something from you. Now you are doing the very thing you are afraid of happening to you. You are buying into the illusion that there is not enough. 
So I think it is very important to send love to those who are doing these things. We don’t know what has gone on in their lives to cause them to be so angry and full of hate. I’d imagine they haven’t received the love they so desperately want. We can never fix hatred and anger with more hatred and anger. We have to be bigger than this. We have to rise above. Love is the answer. ❤️ 


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