I’m not with him, and I’m not with her either.

Lately my Facebook feed is bombarded with support for Hillary out of fear of Trump becoming our next president. I keep reading that we HAVE to vote for her out of fear that Trump will be our next president.  I don’t support either of them.  I do not agree with either of their politics or just the choices they have made in their lives.  I was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. I am not a Bernie or bust person though either.  I supported Bernie, because I supported his ideas the hope he brought to actually changing this country.  Actually trying to change the corruption and the struggle that many people live in. I supported Bernie’s ideas. I believe in what he stands for.

It frustrates me so much that so many people are choosing Hillary out of fear of Trump. Many people fear what Trump could do to this country.  The hate, the racism, the sexism, the fear that he seems to be bringing forth, but what most people aren’t realizing is that they are choosing Hillary out of that same fear. It doesn’t have to be either or. What if there was another option and that option is standing up and saying enough is enough. This system is corrupt.  This system needs to change.  The entire process needs to change.

We don’t have to continue to do something because we have been told this is the only way  or that this is how its always been done. Things work until they don’t, and the way this country is ran does not seem to work anymore.  We shouldn’t be choosing the lesser of the two evils.  We still have choice.  We can still say that we don’t support either and we don’t agree with this system.

We don’t agree with how much the average person struggles just to live.  We don’t agree with how our planet is being treated.  We don’t agree that big companies can buy elections.  We don’t agree with how big pharma can over charge for prescriptions and poison people. We don’t agree with shitty expensive health care. We don’t agree with how minorities are treated.  We don’t agree with inequality.  We are not stuck.  WE have the power. WE can change how things are ran, but the only way we can do this is if we say I refuse that this is the only option.  I refuse your system. I refuse that these two people are my only choices. It’s time to think bigger than the system, not just trying to figure out the best option of the shitty hand we have been dealt. We do not have to stay in the box that we have been told to stay in. There are always other choices. It’s time to stand up for them. It’s time for a heart-centered revolution. mockingjay-poster



While I do believe that all lives matter, I do also think that it’s critical that we are aware and acknowledge that something very wrong is happening to people of color. Black lives are just as important as white lives.  There is definitely an inequality that is happening. There are far too many black deaths that occur on a regular basis.  Something needs to be done, and something needs to be done immediately.  I think it is important that as white people that we stop and listen to what people of color have to say.  To allow them to speak their truth and what reality is like for them. To hear their stories.  To really listen and listen with compassion and an open heart and mind.

I was trying to explain and have a conversation with my nephews who are 7 and 11 last night about the injustices that have been occurring for black people.  I found myself trying to explain to them about stereotypes and how these stereotypes create fear. That there are general stereotypes for different ethnicities and because of this people are treated differently.

This morning when I was walking home I started thinking about stereotypes again, but I started to think of them from a different perspective. When I was younger I used to think that stereotypes were given for a reason, because that does tend to be what the majority of said race or group do.  Today I started thinking about that if you were told you were something from the moment you were born then chances are that’s what you are going to turn out as.  If a child is called stupid every day of his life by those around him, by the media, by movie and tv characters, after awhile they are going to believe that is who they are.  What if a stereotype isn’t even real?  What if stereotypes are actually just someone being conditioned over and over to believe something until finally at some point they believe it?

It is time to acknowledge that there really is something going on.  That not everyone has an equal opportunity. It is time to open our eyes and see what is really occurring in the neighborhoods of black people.  To listen to what black people have to say.  Hear their stories of what life is like for them, because until we take the time to truly listen then the senseless murders and inequality is going to continue to happen. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

By saying that black lives matter does not mean that everyone else does not matter, or that black lives are now more important than other lives.  All it simply means is that they matter just as much as everyone else does too. You support black lives and this does not mean that you think someone else is less than.  This is not an either or situation.  This is a black lives matter, AND white lives matter, AND mexican lives matter, AND asians lives matter, AND muslim lives matter, AND gay lives matter. It does not mean anyone else matters less.  We are all humans.  We ALL matter, but black lives are the ones who need our help right now. We are only as strong as our weakest link.  Lifting those up around us, lifts us up too! Love and compassion is the answer!IMG_4562